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Webtrends Mobile Analytics Key Capabilites

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Put the customer at the center of your Universe

Most web analytics solutions can offer some insight, but it often requires time and resources to piece it together. You have to sift through online interactions, page views and visits, to pull together the a complete view.

Telegraph Webtrends Case Study
Webtrends Mobile Featured Customer Story

We would not have invented our iPad nighttime reading mode without Webtrends Analytics

It's very important that we go to market with a clear and transparent analytic package to aid client decision-making

The industry needs to come together to say 'These are the important measurements.' That's where Webtrends comes in

Mark Challinor - Director of Mobile & Interactive Services, UK Telegraph Media Group

Compelling Data Visualization
Tailored For Your Audience

Modern brand touch-points generate mountains of data. What are you doing with your data? Whether it is generated by site visitors, Facebook fans, or Twitter followers these interactions can be leveraged to amplify your brand. Webtrends Design Lab creates perspective with your data.

Webtrends Design Lab
Insights at your Fingertips
  • Unified Digital Analytics
  • Standards based HTML5 interface
  • Reporting on any Device at any time
  • Extensive Data Export Options
  • Up-to-the-minute Data for Key Metrics
  • Not Just Beautiful; Positively Useful
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Optimize Your Mobile Campaigns

As your mobile measurement and optimization efforts mature the return on all your mobile investments increase exponentially. We can help you increase the return on your digital investment by guiding you through a step by step approach.

Reporting: Mobile Apps VS Site

Having a hard time understanding the difference between Mobile App reports and Mobile Site Reports? We have created a handy cheat sheet that will allow you to discover what the reports looks like along with what they mean.

Mobile Opportunity Abounds

There is such an abundance of Mobile information being published at such a fast pace that it is often hard to keep up. That's why we have aggregated, up-to-the-minute information from the top industry sources for your benefit.